Brilliant Electro-Systems Pvt.Ltd. is Authorise Distributor of the IC’s and Pressure Sensors of ANALOG MICROELECTRONICS GmbH, GERMANY for INDIA

About Analog Microelectronics GmbH - Your competent partner in sensing and signal conditioning

For over twenty years we provide high-quality solutions in sensor technology and signal-conditioning with main focus on pressure sensing systems. As a German specialist for pressure sensors and integrated signal-conditioning circuits we have become a partner of choice for many companies in the automotive, medical and industrial markets all over the world.

We develop, produce and offer:

  • A multitude of standard OEM pressure sensors and transmitters
  • Customized modifications of standard sensors (e.g. adaption of pressure ranges, output signals or connections…)
  • Custom specific sensor systems
  • A variance of integrated circuits for signal-conditioning
  • Design and test services

In all our activities the satisfaction of our customer’s needs is our first goal. To offer reliable, safe and high quality products we make sure that we satisfy our customer’s requirements and our high quality standards in development, production and services.

Since 2006, Analog – Micro Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Pressure Sensors

Board-Mount Pressure Sensors (Board-Level)

Board mount sensors for gage, (bidirectional) differential, absolute and barometric pressure with analog or digital output.

Pressure Sensor Modules


PCB sensor modules for gage, absolute, (bidirectional) differential, barometric pressure with current-loop or voltage output.

Pressure Transmitters


Mini transmitters for gage, absolute, (bidirectional) differential and barometric pressure with current-loop or voltage output.

Customized Solutions

Based on more than twenty years of experience in the field of sensor and system development we offers sensor solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Integrated Circuits

V/I-Converter ICs

Integrated circuits for differential or single voltage inputs with current output for current-loop or three-wire applications.

Voltage Amplifier ICs

Precision amplifiers for single or differential voltage inputs, partially with integrated protection functions.

C/V-Converter ICs

Integrated circuits for single or differential capacitance measurements with adjustable voltage output.