Customized Products


A picture showing examplary customized pressure sensors and sensor systems from Analog Microelectronics

At Analog Microelectronics we realize your unique sensor solution.

Based on more than twenty years of experience in the field of sensor and system development Analog Microelectronics offers sensor solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our services reach from custom specific calibrations and simple modifications of our standard pressure sensors up to complete custom specific sensor system design and manufacturing. Even for small quantities a custom specific solution can be feasible. Just tell us, what you need.

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Custom Modifications

Several examples of custom specific modifications of our standard pressure sensors.

It does not always have to be a new design, even a small modification in one of our standard pressure sensors can be a big step towards the perfect solution for your application.

We offer customized calibration procedures to adapt the sensor’s pressure range, output signal range or temperature compensation range and special test procedures to select sensors for your application. Furthermore we modify the sensor’s construction to adapt the sensor to your needs by:

  1. Modifying the supply voltage or output signal type.
  2. Customizing the pressure ports (e.g. length, diameter, shape or lids)
  3. Adapting the electrical connectors, pinout, shape or dimensions
  4. Utilizing special chemicals or coatings to meet your requirements in media compatibility.


Custom-Made Sensors

Examples for custom specific developments.

Analog Microelectronics offers the design and manufacturing of custom specific pressure sensors and systems. The spectrum of possibilities ranges from simple uncompensated pressure sensors over compensated and calibrated, board mountable or fully packaged sensors up to complete sensor systems with miscellaneous functions. We accompany your project from the first draft up to the qualification of the prototypes and the series production.

Below you can find a few exemplary applications, where our custom-made products are used:

  • EBS-Systems (electronic brake systems, automotive)
  • ECAS-Systems (electronically controlled air cushioning, automotive)
  • Pneumatic valve control (industrial)
  • Apnea monitoring (medical)
  • HVAC differential low pressure sensor (industrial)
  • High pressure sensors with increased media-compatibility (industrial)

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