Universal Amplifier and Voltage-to-Current Converter IC

AM400 is a universal amplifier IC for sensing and signal-conditioning applications. It is suitable for differential or single-ended input voltages and generates both a voltage and a current output signal. Its modular design, integrated voltage and current source and protection functions allow a wide range of industrial applications.




  • 1.Sensor signal-conditioner
  • 2.Current-loop transmitter
  • 3.Front and back end IC for µC
  • 4.The protected analog output stage
  • 5.Impedance converter
  • 6.Industrial network driver

Short Specifications

Supply voltage (VCC) 6 … 35 V (typ. 24 V)
Input voltage range 0 … ±400 mV (differential) or 0 … 5 V (single-ended)
Analog output e.g. 0 … 5/10 V and 0 … 20 mA (three-wire) or 4 … 20 mA (two-wire)
Reference voltage source 5 / 10 V (max. 10 mA)
Current source 0 … 10 mA, adjustable
Temperature range -40 °C … 85 °C
Protected against: Short circuit, reverse polarity, overvoltage
Package / Delivery forms SO16(n), SSOP20, on DIL20-adapter, sawn 6″ wafer on blue foil
RoHS status compliant.


General Documents

Datasheet AM400
Product flyer AM400 (V/I-converter)
Product flyer AM400 (Amplifier)
IC package catalog


Typical Application Circuits with Blockdiagram

Three-wire sensor signal-conditioner with protected voltage and current output (e.g. 0 .. 10 V & 0 .. 20 mA):
AM400 as three-wire sensor signal-conditioner.
Industrial network driver with protected voltage and current output (three-wire operation):
AM400 as industrial network driver.
Sensor signal-conditioner with protected current-loop output (e.g. 4 .. 20 mA):
AM400 as sensor signal-conditioner.


Ordering Codes

Order number Delivery form
AM400-0-SO16 SO16(n) package
AM400-0-SSOP20 SSOP20 package
AM400-WAF sawn wafer on 6″ blue foil
AM400-Adapt AM400 soldered to an SO20-DIL20 adapter



Order Number Description
BBAM400 An easily adaptable, preassembled breadboard. Suitable for first experiments using AM400