Pressure Sensors and ICs - Application Notes

Pressure Sensors

AMS 5105 – Amplified OEM Pressure Sensor and Switch
AMS 5105_AN01 Monitoring HVAC filter and fan units using AMS 5105
AMS 5812 – Pressure Sensor with Analog & I2C Output
AMS 5812-AN01 Interfacing an AMS 5812 pressure sensor to an Arduino Uno
AMS 5812-AN02 Arduino Nano Kit for AMS 5812 pressure sensors
AMS 5915 – OEM Pressure Sensor with I2C Output
AMS 5915-AN01 Data readout of AMS 5915 pressure sensors with Arduino Uno
AMS 5915-AN02 How to use an AMS 5915 pressure sensor with an Arduino Nano
AMS 5915-AN03 How to measure blood pressure using AMS 5915 and an Arduino

Integrated Circuits

AM417 – Ratiometric Instrumentation Amplifier IC
AM417-AN01 Reverse polarity protection for ratiometric ICs like AM417
CAV444 – C/V-Converter with Linear Voltage Output
CAV444-AN01 Construction of capacitive sensors with 0 .. 5/10 V output
CAV444-AN02 Construction of capacitive sensors with 4 .. 20 mA output